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All About The Parts of a Nuclear Power Plant and its definition

The Parts of Nuclear Power Plant.

The turbine will rotate when boiler produced steam or what we called heat energy converted to mechanical energy.

Is a device that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, usually via electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction works by forcibly moving a loop of wire (a rotor) around a stationary bar a stator that provides an electric field, either through a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.

The fuel used in the nuclear power plant is called Uranium (U-235, U-238) , plutonium (Pu-236) or what we called Thorium (Th-232). This uranium is preferred be a high melting point.

The moderator is the one reduces the speed of the neutron. The most moderators are Beryllium, Heavy water, or a Graphite.
To allow the chain reaction to proceed, enough of these fast neutrons must be slowed down so that there are just enough slow neutrons to produce more fissions and allow a steady power level to be achieved. It is the function of the moderator to slow the fast neutrons, in fact we talk of thermalising them, and such reactors are sometimes called thermal reactors.

Control Rods
To prevent overheating, control rods made of a material that absorbs neutrons are inserted into the uranium bundle using a mechanism that can raise or lower the control rods. Raising and lowering the control rods allow operators to control the rate of the nuclear reaction.
The rods can also be lowered completely into the uranium bundle to shut the reactor down in the case of an accident or to change the fuel.

The large mass of concrete absorbs gamma radiation well, and as it contains a lot of water molecules it also stops neutrons from penetrating.

The heat is absorbed by the colant that's produced in the reactor. most nuclear used water, liquid sodium or a carbon dioxide.

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