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All About The World's Largest Wind Turbine Generator

Before go on to the list of the world's largest wind turbine generator let first know its definition and its purpose. What is wind turbine? the answer is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. That's wind turbine but when we talk about wind turbine generator its another story they become a generator when we convert from mechanical energy into electrical energy which mean we attach a generator to rotating part of a wind turbine. So let go to ahead the list for further discussion.

Seven Plus Megawatts
This turbine has a rotor diameter of 126 meters (413 feet). called a Enercon E-126. these have inverters instead of synchronous generators, that is to say, a separate controller that converts the wild AC generated into something the grid can use. This means the rotor can run at more optimum and varied speeds.

7.5 megawatt MBE turbine
coastal foreshore, and rights to lease seabed for the generation of renewable energy on the continental shelf within the Renewable Energy Zone which extends out to approximately 200 nautical miles..

Type of wind turbine
Complete details from history, resources, design and constructions, record holding, its components.

10 MW turbines being the next targe
The turbines, from GE and Siemens, don’t necessarily represent the largest turbines available, but they’ll be the largest ever installed at the wind center, giving scientists a chance to poke and prod the machines to see what kind of stresses the turbines can take. They plan to work on ways to get more power out of existing turbines, and on how to improve the durability of the turbine’s components.

Offshore wind turbines
Each turbine weighs over 900 tonnes including the 120 metre tall tower which has to be anchored in the deep water. Each turbine blade is 61.5 metres long and weighs under 18 tonnes.

For Wind Turbine is Bigger Better
Giving scientists a chance to poke and prod the machines to see what kind of stresses the turbines can take. Calling it the world’s largest offshore turbine.

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