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Learn How Electricity Is Delivered To Our Home

When I'm a student this is the basic topic that we always tackle about how electricity works or how
does electricity is delivered to our home. Many times when we don't know the answer, every time there is
a brown out or black out we tend to blame etc. without knowing that the main cause is from the source of
electrity for that to be not ignorant about this topic, I'am collecting another useful site to be compared
so that we can easily understand with also free pdf file for you to download.

The Discovery Of Electricity
From Generators, Tranmission Grid, Distribution, Subtransmission,Distribution, and low voltage which is in our home.

How Electricity is Made
Before we even start with how electricity is generated and transported to your house, we need to define what electricity is. Think of electricity as water flowing through a pipe or garden hose. The water is really electrons in the metal that makes up the wire.

Centre For Energy
After electricity is generated, it has to be moved to customers that use the electricity. This involves two basic steps: transmission moving electricity at high voltages from generating plants to local communities and distribution moving power to individual customers.

How is Electricity Provided to Your Home?
The system consists
of high voltage lines and towers that spread from the east coast to
the west coast. You can think of it as the main trunk of a tree.

Electricity Is Delivered to Consumers Through a Complex Network
The origin of the electricity you consume may vary. Utilities may generate all the electricity they sell using just the power plants they own. Utilities may also purchase some of their supply on the wholesale market from other utilities, power marketers, independent power producers, or from a market based on membership in a regional transmission reliability organization.

Delivered from Power Plant To You(pdf)
From the power plant, large cables (transmission lines) suspended on
steel poles, wood poles, or steel towers, carry the current to
substations. Here the voltage (pressure) is lowered in steps and fed
into a distribution system. Smaller transformers provide the proper
voltages for industries, stores, homes and farms.

Where Does Electricity Come From
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