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The Benefits Of Variable Speed Drives On Electrical Motors

As today's technology Many Electrical motor applications in industry do not require constant speed. Why because most motors used are induction motors, whose speeds are practically constant. So therefore the energy consumption would have been optimized, had the motor speed been varied to correspond to the load demand. This is where variable speed drives come in. Through the electronics, the motor frequency is adjusted to correspond to the load requirement. A drawback here is the production of harmonics. So what's the benefits of variable speed drives. Here it is Authored by one of the popular Engr. of The Philippines Engineer Arsenio Abellana.

1. Reduced energy consumption - Centrifugal fan and pump loads operated with variable speed drives reduce energy consumption.

2. Reduced power demand during start-up - With the smooth speed control provided by VSD's large inrush currents, and consequently large power inrush, are avoided. This result to a lower demand charge.

3. Lesser mechanical stress - And ac motor is started across the line, takes a s much as seven to eight times the motor full load current start the motor and load. When a variable speed drives is used, the substantially reduced starting current reduces the wear and tear on the motor, thus extending the life of an ac motor.

4. Reduced power line disturbances - When an ac motor is started across the line, the demand for staring current, drains the power distribution system connected to the motor, thus the supply voltage sags, which can cause sensitive equipment connected on the same distribution system to trip. Items such as computers, sensors, electronic switches and electrical contactors are voltage sensitive and cna drop out when a large motor is started.

5. Controlled stopping - With a VSD, finely controlled stopping can be easily done. This helps reduce product breakages or mechanical wear and tear to shocks to the manufacturing process.

the last is

6. Elimination of some parts in the process - With the use of a VSD, some parts in the process may be superfluous. For instance, we can eliminate the need for a reversing starter, since the output phases to the motor can be electronically changed without mechanical devices.

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