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How To Design And Estimate On Electrical Distribution And Transmission Lines

Electrical supply in our house is very much important but not compared to the water supply maybe its only a secondary but then without electricity in our house we may not be happy why because most of our appliance in our house need electricity and even lights almost everything because today's world are independent to electricity, the question how they come up?, what is the source ? and what is the origin behind that. And today I would share my expertise as an Distribution Engineer where I work routinely at present. My day to day activities is to make design and estimate from secondary line 220 or 480 volt, primary line extension 8 kv to 13.8 kv to supply the distribution transformer also 69 kv to supply voltage in our substation. At first in making design and estimate is not easy, but for five year in experience I'm now on the stage where sometimes I'am bored because do not challenge anymore for that I would share how.

First and foremost you need to identify what your customer's applied for. Say for example your customer applied a three 500 kva transformer 240/480 volts at secondary side. The first move that you are going to do is an actual measurement from the tapping pole to the exact location of the service entrance, while you are in the field it also make the actual location of pole, the transformer pad etc. in draft drawing.  Considering all the data needed in you design are all gather. How many pole are needed the wires, the type of construction both primary and secondary construction now its time to draw the final drawing. So now I'll give the techniques on how to separate so you will not be worried about the materials need on the electrical distribution line projects. here it is...

1. Number of Poles like..
25'/200 cp - 2
35'/300 cp - 5

2. Type of constructions like..
3TJ500 S - meaning complete accessories of 3-500 kva transformer
C7 - 2 - dead to dead primary line construction
C2 - 1 - angle 30 to 60 degree primary line construction
C1 -  2 - for straight line primary line construction
 e1-2 - Down guy construction
e14 - part of down guy construction

3. Wire
#2 acsr wire - 1000 meters
#2/0 acsr wire- as tighten to pin insulator
3/8 guy- 24 meters
#336. 4 acsr wire for transformer banking wire

4. others material needed
cut-out fuse
fuse line
terminal plug
pole band
terminal plug
bail clamp
hot line clamp
strain clamp
pvc tape
and many other in depends upon the situation

That's all the final is to get the price for each item also the labor of the installation, In our company that I work. We only input the above materials also input the work for installation the computer program will automatically give the total amount.

note: if you need question and query pls. don't hesitate to comments.. I'am willing to help..

above english grammar are subject for correction thanks for dropping by.


Ricky said...

Great post on Acsr conductors and accessories.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the scale drawing of a 50hz distribution system in an industrial and residential area which should include the number of streets,transformers and number of poles calculations

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Sky Bird said...

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Chaker101 said...


I would like to ask you for any available literature in the design of power distribution lines, i'm more interested in a practical/technical book, rather than a theoretical book. your post is very informative, i'm looking to get into power distribution design, but I lack the experience in that area. thanks

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