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A Free Good references Ebook for Power Engineer and Electrical Engineering Students

There are Lots of Power engineer or an Electrical Engineering Student whom wanna find an electrical books
 and links also for free as I thinking to collect from different website and now I would like to share it all just follow the links.

Transformer Committee
The IEEE/PES Transformer Committee. They have transformer bibliography in lots more if you visit their site.

Electrical and feeder protection control 
 Free pdf file on Converter Connection To ABB Protective Relays, Calculation of the Current Transformer Accuracy Limit Factor, Application note, Current Transformer Requirements for Non-Directional Overcurrent Protection, Application note, Distance Protection, Application note and setting guide, Stabilizing Resistor in Motor Earth-Fault Protection, Application note.

 Copper for Busbars
Short-Circuit Effects, Busbar Impedance, Current-carrying Capacity of Busbars, Design Considerations

Distribution System Design
The USDA Rural Electrification Service has many publications,  Lots of other information about line construction and related subjects, browse the whole list.

The Art and Science of Protective Relaying
Available for free download authored by C. Russell Mason's

Electrical Symmetrical Components
Method of Symmetrical Co-ordinates Applied to the Solution of Polyphase Networks, Digital Computer Solution of Power-Flow Problems, Two-Reaction Theory of Synchronous Machines: Generalized Method of Analysis - Part I, Wave Propagation in Overhead Wires with Ground Return.

 Power System Protection and Protective Relaying Links
Relaying equipment manufacturing acturers, fault analysis, relay coordination, voltage drop and arc flash,relaying and power industry standards related to organization. power industry general info sources.

A Practical Guide to Short-Circuit Calculations
Competitively Priced Electric Power System Analytical Studies

 General Power
Use this site as a references books only but not for free its useful because if you want to know what books you want in electrical engineering. IEEE Std 141-1993 (R1999)The Red Book - Power Distribution, IEEE Std 142-2007 The Green Book - Grounding, IEEE Std 241-1990 (R1997) The Gray Book - Commercial Buildings , IEEE Std 242-2001 The Buff Book - Protection and Coordination, IEEE Std 399-1997 The Brown Book - Power Systems Analysis , IEEE Std 446-1995 The Orange Book - Emergency and Standby Power , IEEE Std 493-1997 The Gold Book - Reliable Design, IEEE Std 551-2006 The Violet Book - Short-Circuit Currents, IEEE Std 602-2007 The White Book - Health Care Facilities , IEEE Std 739-1995 The Bronze Book - Energy Management , IEEE Std 902-1998 The Yellow Book - Maintenance, Operations, and Safety , IEEE Std 1015-2006 The Blue Book - Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers, IEEE Std 1100-2005 The Emerald Book - Electronic Equipment

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