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Electronics Networking Books Free with Satellite Communication

Algorithm Design for Networked Information Technology Systems
The algorithms described are asynchronous, distributed decision-making algorithms, and their characteristics include correct operation, robustness, reliability, scalability, stability, survivability, and performance. The book explains through case studies the conception, development, experimental testing, validation, and rigorous performance analysis of practical ADDM algorithms for real-world systems from a number of diverse disciplines.

Identification of Damage Using Lamb Waves
From Fundamentals to Applications. It addresses fundamentals such as the mechanisms of Lamb wave activation, propagation and acquisition, the selection of transducers and design of active sensor networks, and the development of signal processing for de-noising, compression and feature extraction in the time, frequency and joint time-frequency domains.

Introduction to Satellite Communication
The book covers all the fundamentals of satellites, ground control systems, and earth stations, considering the design and operation of each major segment. You gain a practical understanding of the basic construction and usage of commercial satellite networks--how parts of a satellite system function, how various components interact, which role each component plays, and which factors are the most critical to success.

Mobile Radio Networks

For the rapid proliferation of mobile communications to be sustained without overloading the system, harmonization of the networks of the service providers is crucial. These considerations are at the heart of this timely and topical book, which focuses upon the issues of network standardization as well as upon the emerging new techniques.

Practical Data Communications
Provides the needed background and fills in the gaps for the many who must tackle this vital technology with little basic training. It does so in clear and precise terms and with a hands-on approach to network design and management aimed at ensuring the optimal implementation of data communications.

VSAT Networks
Are typically one to two meters in antenna reflector diameter and communicate with one another, or with a central earth station called a ‘hub’, via a relay satellite in space.

Queueing Networks and Markov Chains-2nd Edition
Starting with basic probability theory, the text sets the foundation for the more complicated topics of queueing networks and Markov chains, using applications and examples to illustrate key points. Designed to engage the reader and build practical performance analysis skills, the text features a wealth of problems that mirror actual industry challenges.

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