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Electrical Conductors and Semiconductors Ebooks

The New Superconductors

The latest superconductors and their properties for the non-specialist. Highlights of this up-to-date text include chapters on superfluidity, the latest copper oxide types, fullerenes, and prospects for future research.

Advanced Semiconductor and Organic
Nano-Techniques Parts I, II and III
Top experts in their respective fields have come together to discuss the latest developments and the future of micro-nano electronics. They investigate issues to be faced in ultimate limits such as single electron transitors

Porous Semiconductors
Optical Properties and Applications
With an emphasis on optical properties and optical applications. Beginning with a description of the basic electrochemistry of porous semiconductors and the different kinds of porous semiconductor materials that can be fabricated, the book moves on to describe the fabrication processes used in the production of porous semiconductor optical components.

Semiconductor Optics
Including linear and nonlinear optical properties, dynamics, magneto- and electrooptics, high-excitation effects, some applications, experimental techniques and group theory.

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