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Wireless Free Ebooks Broadband Mobile and Networking

The Wireless Internet Opportunity for Developing Countries
Key issues that need the attention of governments, international development agencies, and NGOs are clarified. Also covered are the opinions of leaders from the fields of social and economic development.

Broadband Wireless Access & Local Networks
Mobile Wimax and Wifi . The book provides you with a thorough introduction to wireless access and local networks, covers broadband mobile wireless access systems, and details mobile and broadband wireless local area networks.

New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications
These books present key systems and enabling technologies in a clear and accessible manner, offering you a detailed roadmap the future evolution of next generation communications.

Mobile and Wireless Communications
Mobile phones, wireless free communication and associated technologies such as WANs, LANs, and PANs, cellular networks, SMS, 3G, Bluetooth, Blackberry and WiFi are seen as the driving force of the advanced society.

Mobile Commerce and Wireless Computing Systems
Focus on mobile networking and mobile commerce applications. The text begins with theory and moves on to putting the theory into practice, while examining strategic planning options needed in a mobile commerce world. Professional IT managers interested in enhancing their e-commerce strategies.

Picture Yourself Networking Your Home or Small Office
Photos and diagrams, complemented by extensive and easy-to-follow text, to help any reader network his or her home or small office using wired or wireless technology.

Wireless Programming with J2ME
This book covers six wireless applications complete with Flow Diagrams and line-by-line code description. It covers all of J2ME including CDC,CLDC and MIDP with an emphasis on practical code.

Wireless Communication in Underground Mines

Provide immediate transmission of messages from the underground working area to the surface for normal mining operations as well as necessary rescue operations in case of disaster. Therefore, a reliable and effective communication system is an essential requisite for safe working, and maintaining the requisite production and productivity of underground mines. Existing wired communication systems cannot reach parts of complex mines, and are ineffective in many disaster situations.

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