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Digital Bioelectronic and Industrial Controls and System Design

Bioelectronic Vision: Retina Models, Evaluation Metrics and System Design
The book follows a signal processing perspective, where all models and metrics are discretized in order to be implemented and tested in a digital system, such as a computer or a specialized dedicated hardware device.

Digital Citizenship in Schools
They provide a useful audit and professional development activities to help educators determine how to go about integrating digital citizenship concepts into the classroom. Activity ideas and lesson plans round out this timely book.

Digital Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery
The book explores cutting-edge techniques and trends in image analysis, as well as the relationship between image processing and other recently emerged special technologies.

Electronic Circuits And Secrets Of An Old-Fashioned Spy
Answering machine passwords; defeat digital and spread-spectrum cordless phones with an FM phone tap; and much more! For academic study only.

Industrial Controls and Manufacturing
Covers control from the device/process level up to and including the production system level. Covers both analog and digital control using P/PI/PID controllers and discrete logic control using ladder logic diagrams and programmable logic controllers

Little Digital Video Book, The 2nd Edition
Here to guide the troubled newcomer to the exciting world of digital video is The Little Digital Video Book, 2e. This friendly, approachable guide will teach users the basics of shooting, organizing, and editing their own footage, with short examples so they can practice the techniques as they read through the book.

Managing Einsteins: Leading High-Tech Workers in the Digital Age
Managing Einsteins walks managers through proven best methods to optimize the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the new economy workforce.

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