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Optical Fiber Telecommunications with Waves and Devices

Light Scattering Reviews
Radiative Transfer. The application of time-dependent radiative transfer equation for cloud remote sensing and the peculiarities of radiative transfer of fluorescent and bioluminescent light in biological tissues are then considered, together with the importance of optical imaging in clinical and pre-clinical applications. The applications of the linearized radiative transfer equation and inverse problems for a particular case of the spherical atmosphere are included.

Optical Fiber Telecommunications IIIB, Volume 3B

Includes the most up-to-date research available in optical fiber telecommunications, for scientists, students, and engineers in the modern telecommunications industry.

Optical Guided Waves and Devices
Presenting thorough coverage of the foundations of optical propagation, the book includes basic E/M theory, optical materials, integrated optics and the propagation of bounded guided beams.

Optical Methods of Measurement
Wholefield Techniques, Second Edition
It also covers interference, diffraction, and digital fringe pattern measurement techniques, with special emphasis on phase measurement interferometry and algorithms. The remainder of the book focuses on theory, experimental arrangements, and applications of wholefield techniques.

Optics: Learning by Computing, with Examples
Using Maple, MathCad, Mathematica, and MATLAB. The book is written for the study of particular projects but can easily be adapted to other situations. The threefold arrangement of text, applications, and files makes the book suitable for "self-learning" by scientists or engineers who would like to refresh their knowledge of optics.In the classroom, the Maple, MathCad, Mathematica, and MATLAB scripts can serve as starting points for homework.

Polarization in Optical Fibers
This work provides the first definitive treatment of polarization phenomena, and delivers a wealth of analytical and practical knowledge that will be invaluable to engineers seeking to optimize and advance optical fiber performance in these industries.This exhaustively detailed resource explores the various polarization effects, their impact on communications and sensing systems, and the latest techniques to mitigate them.

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