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Rapid and Megaupload file for Radar Technology books Free

Modern Radar Systems Artech House Radar Library
Radar practitioners get a number of critical atmospheric models to help them with their challenging work. Each chapter ends with a performance section, showing the effect of that particular aspect on the complete radar system budget for range, accuracy, and stability.

Radar System Analysis, Design and Simulation
The book helps you master critical system analysis and design skills, and shows you how to use digital computer simulation to verify that an analysis is correct and that a design is optimal. This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential topics, from matrix, vector and linear equations, noise and clutter generation, Filters (FIR and IIR), and fast Fourier transforms.

Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Radar
Non-radar specialist interested in important applications of multichannel adaptive filtering, this practical resource, based on a time-tested course taught in industry, government and academia, is essential reading.

Weather Radar Technology Beyond Nexrad

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Anonymous said...

very intersting blog,

The Radar technology is not used only for protection it can also be used to some different applications.

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