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Ebooks Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks and Aviation Weather Surveillance Systems

Aviation Weather Surveillance Systems

Advanced Radar and Surface Sensors for Flight Safety and Air Traffic Management. Aviation must rank among the most important technological developments of the twentieth century. Like electronics, which is another pervasive discipline of science and technology that has had its birth and explosive growth during this century, aviation has had a radical effect on our lives, the profundity of which is of civilisational dimensions. Indeed, aviation has done to transportation what electronics has done to communication: shrink distances and time, and reduce the wide world to a 'global village'.

Information Processing and Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
This book presents state-of-the-art techniques for cross-layer optimization to improve the energy-efficiency of information processing and routing in wireless sensor networks. Besides providing a survey on this important research area, three specific research topics are addressed in detail: realtime information processing in a single hop cluster, real-time information transport over a given tree substrate, and information routing for computationally intensive applications.

A Professional's Guide To Data Communication In a TCP/IP World

Vehicular Networks: From Theory to Practice
Many of the chapters overlap. Th is is deliberate, the idea being that such chapters benefit the reader by providing diff erent perspectives on the same or related topics. Th e breadth of the sections is meant to cover many diff erent areas that impact the design of applications for vehicular networks, not only those related to computer science or computer engineering. We include chapters on traffi c engineering to provide a context for traffic safety and traffic monitoring applications that may be developed. We include a chapter on driver distraction to allow designers to consider how their in-vehicle systems might
actually aff ect drivers.

Feeding the Media Beast: An Easy Recipe for Great Publicity

Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs
A team of experts from across the industry was assembled for this effort under Java Specification Request 82 (JSR-82). The result was a specification for Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology (JABWT). The specification was the result of collaboration of many companies and individuals in the industry. Some helped define the specification by participating in the JSR-82 expert group, and many others contributed by providing valuable comments.

Beyond VoIP Protocols
Understanding Voice Technology and Networking Techniques for IP Telephony

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