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Computer Science and Engineering And Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists Free download

Advances in Computer Science and Engineering

Different similarity measurement is one of sailent features of clustering methods. Euclidean distance is used in production of hyper spherical clusters, and Mahalanobis distance as a more general approach is utilized in order to form hyper ellipsoidal clusters. But use of these distances (dissimilarity measure) leads to nonlinear clusters.

Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition
In compiling such a book there are several difficult decisions to make on the selection of material. The most general one is that of the scope of the book – what areas of knowledge it should cover. This work concentrates on what might be called the ‘traditional’ pure sciences – physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and the earth sciences. It also covers medicine and mathematics, and includes a selection of people who have made important contributions to engineering and technology. A few of the entries cover workers in such fields as anthropology and psychology, and a small number of philosophers have also been allowed in.

Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage
Scientific discoveries and new technologies are providing solutions to many of the issues most important to Canadians. They are giving us the knowledge and the means to improve the quality of our environment, protect endangered species, improve our health, enhance public safety and security, and manage our natural resources. S&T comes into play in virtually all aspects of our lives, helping us to solve problems and create opportunities.

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