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Phase-Lock Basics Nonlinear Digital Filters and Linear Systems Control Free ebooks

Phase-Lock Basics William F. Egan
The new process has led also to a clearer understanding of the theory, including a better understanding of what defines broadband noise and how bandwidth affects the results. Simulations also permit the study of narrowband noise, which is the more fundamental process, of which broadband noise is only an approximation in the limit. A chapter has been added on narrowband noise. This is the second edition of a book about the basics of phase-locked loops (PLLs). Basics tend to be unchanging, but we can learn more about them and their manner of presentation can be improved and tuned to current practice.

Nonlinear Digital Filters: W. K. Ling
Analysis and Applications They are widely employed in signal processing, communications, control, circuits design, electrical engineering and biomedical engineering communities. However, as digital filters are linear time invariant systems, any nonlinear behaviors occur in digital filters should be avoided. The first observed nonlinear phenomenon was the limit cycle behavior discovered in 1965 by implementing a digital filter via a finite state machine. Since then, engineers have tried to avoid the occurrence of the limit cycle behavior. such as computer cryptography – secure communications, etc. Hence, the subject of nonlinear digital filters plays an increasingly important role in electrical and electronic engineering.

Linear Systems Control
Deterministic and Stochastic Methods Elbert Hendricks, Ole Jannerup. In line with the approach set forth above, the book first deals with the modelling of systems in state space form. Both transfer function and differential equation modelling are methods decribed with many examples. Linearization is treated and explained first for very simple nonlinear systems, then more complex systems. Because computer control is so fundamental to modern applications, discrete time modelling of systems as difference equations is introduced immediately after the more intuitive differential and transfer function models. Control engineering is a multidisciplinary subject which is critical to the operation of modern technology and which is nearly invisible in daily life.

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