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Downloads Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission with Einstein Semiconductors

Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage

Renewable energy sources have been the backbone of our energy system during most of human history, interrupted by a brief interval of cheap fuels that could be used for a few hundred years in a highly unsustainable way. Unfortunately, this interval has also weakened our sensibility over wasteful uses of energy. For a long time, energy was so cheap that most people did not think it worthwhile to improve the efficiency of energy use, even if there was money to save.This book is based on the energy conversion, transmission and storage parts of the author’s Renewable Energy, the book that in 1979 placed the topic on the academic agenda and actually got the term “renewable energy” accepted. While Renewable Energy (now in its third edition) deals with the physical, technical, social, economic and environmental aspects of renewable energy, the present book concentrates on the engineering aspects.

The Role of Communication in Large Infrastructure
The Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project in Post-Conflict

Einstein Relation in Compound Semiconductors and Their Nanostructures
This book is partially based on our on-going researches on the Einstein relation from 1980 and an attempt has been made to present a cross section of the Einstein relation for a wide range of materials with varying carrier energy spectra, under various physical conditions.In ultrathin films, due to the reduction of symmetry in the wave vector space, the motion of the carriers in the direction normal to the film becomes quantized leading to the quantum size effect. Such systems find extensive applications in quantum well lasers, field effect transistors, high speed digital networks and also in other low dimensional systems. In quantum wires, the carriers are quantized in two transverse directions and only one-dimensional motion of the carriers is allowed. The transport properties of charge carriers in quantum wires, which may be studied by utilizing the similarities with optical and microwave waveguides, are currently being investigated.

Novel Nanocrystalline Alloys and Magnetic Nanomaterials

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