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Complete Collection Optical Ebooks for Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Interferogram Analysis For Optical Testing, Second Edition

An interferometer can measure small wavefront deformations with a high accuracy, of the order of a fraction of the wavelength. The accuracy in a given interferometer depends on many factors, such as the optical quality of the components, the measuring methods, the light source properties, and disturbing external factors, such as atmospheric turbulence and mechanical vibrations. It has been shown by Kafri 1989, however, that the accuracy of any interferometer is limited.

Optical Properties of Solids

Modern Optical Engineering
The newer types of optics, such as diffractive, holographic, aspheric, gradient index, binary, etc., produce images and are used and incorporated into optical systems in much the same way as are the classical lenses and mirrors, although perhaps more powerfully and flexibly. Once one achieves a reasonable level of understanding which need not be at an overwhelming level, these new devices can be incorporated readily into one’s optical system design. It is not unusual to find that the basics of the design of optical systems is actually little changed by these new, exciting, and tremendously useful developments.

Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments

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