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Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book, 2nd Edition

Encompassing traditional audio and video technologies, coverage is given to the fast emerging data and telecommunications aspects of the industry. Above all, the Broadcast Engineer’s Reference Book is designed as a practical reference work written by engineers working in the broadcast industry for engineers working in the broadcast industry.

Audio Engineer's Reference Book
To provide relatively brief but accurate accounts of a variety of topics under a general heading – in this case audio engineering. Also the assumption has to be made that the reader already knows something of the subject. If not then he or she should instead be looking for a textbook. Furthermore, a reference book should, I feel, be as readable as possible. The last requirement seems to me to be very important.Covering the range from basic mathematics and formulae to recent digital techniques, there is enough here to fill a significant gap in the currently available literature.

Audio Wiring Guide
How to wire the most popular audio and video connectors The Audio Wiring Guide (hereafter AWG) is designed for use by both the amateur and the professional. Whether you ’ re wiring a home studio, a PA public address system or a commercial multi-track installation, this book will help you do it better, faster, cheaper, and with fewer mistakes. No matter what the size of your wiring project or installation, the AWG provides you with the essential information you need and the techniques to use it.Wires are made up of the conductors strands and insulating jackets in a
shield, and commonly surrounded by an outer plastic or rubber jacket. Shield is a metallic, conductive layer wrapped around the inner conductors to reduce noise. It may be a metalized mylar foil, an electrically conductive plastic or actual strands of copper wire that are commonly not insulated.

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