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Rapid Ebooks Handbook of Research on Electronic and Semiconductor Technology volume Two

Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy

Why is this book timely? The world is changing. Globalization is a fact. Retired citizens can sit in their homes and log onto Web sites around the world for material that enriches their lives or communicate with family and friends at a distance. Small businesses can easily develop customer and supplier relationships around the world. Large businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, particularly in developing countries, because of virtual communications. Expertise in a variety of disciplines can be brought together from many locations to focus on particular problems and issues. More importantly, with the change in how we communicate comes change in how we think and work. The development of these trends which began a decade or more ago has accelerated. Everyone’s life is now affected by globalization and electronic collaboration. Electronic collaboration has limited value without purpose in a knowledge-driven age. Knowledge and its form as intellectual capital flows rapidly around the globe, grows quickly, and leads to changes that transform our lives. The ability to generate, share, and utilize knowledge for problem solving and change lies at the foundation of society and the economy. The world has become more complex and the possibilities more unlimited.As technology has enabled more people in more places to work online, the expectations placed on electronic collaborations have multiplied, sometimes in advance of the social, technological, or administrative structures to appropriately support them. New approaches to education and training benefit those in any field who will lead, manage and work collaboratively. Some managers and educators perceive these shifts, and are purposefully using assignments and projects that require online collaboration to encourage development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills.

Handbook of Semiconductor Technology volume Two
In semiconductors, science frequently develops in close interplay with technology, and fundamental investigations and technological advances cross-pollinate each other in an unprecedented fashion. The miniaturization of the transistor, begun forty years ago, is approaching dimensions, where present concepts appear to break down, and the available characterization methods may no longer function. Other devices, such as solar cells, are now entering the mass market, placing increasing demand on materials quality, process efficiency, and, of course, cost. At present, the most promising approach to addressing these challenges appears to involve fundamental understanding and modeling of highly complex nonlinear solid state phenomena, in short, physically-based, predictive simulation of complex process technological sequences. The first volume places particular emphasis on the concepts and models relevant to such issues. Written by experts who have made major contributions to this enterprise, the chapters span from defect physics to device processing to present a panorama of the key steps, models, and visions -in short the evolution - of microelectronics. At the same time, this Handbook can be seen as a carefully written status report, specially valuable to those engaged in the continuing interplay between semiconductor science, technology, and business, and in the creation of new markets, such as sensor arrays, power
and high frequency devices, solar cells, and blue lasers.

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