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Free Electric Power Plant Engineering and Minimizing Energy Costs with a Handbook of Silicon

Power Plant Engineering
The book wisely concentrates on state-of-the-art technology. It emphasizes the why and the what of current practice. However, it does not neglect some of the underutilized energy
sources and systems or the more promising of the developing technologies. The reader will gain a firm foundation in the technology and a good understanding of commonly encountered system configurations. Additionally, the ground work is adequately laid for the reader to be prepared
for developments in the future. The electric power generation and distribution industry has
evolved during almost exactly one century into its present form. This development has been driven by economics, technological advancements, and government regulations. These diverse forces have produced generation and distribution systems that are reliable, safe, and environmentally acceptable, suitable for service throughout the world. The technologies which make up the systems have brought a highly convenient and economic form of energy to both densely populated cities and remote geographic areas. Electrical energy has become a fundamental requirement for the existence of modern society. Likewise, it is essential for economic progress in lesser developed regions. The problem in producing a reliable book that treats all aspects of the industry has been in recruiting authors of the talent level required and in providing time and support for successful completion of the project.

Maximizing Energy Savings and Minimizing Energy Costs
This book provides the foundation upon which any successful, long-term energy strategy must be based. The foundation of energy cost minimizing process requires the knowledge of how current energy costs are developed and applied. The foundation of a building is seldom seen or considered, but if it is defective the building will fail. It is the same for energy; if the knowledge foundation is lacking or defective, the entire process will fail, causing unnecessary costs to be present and potentially not even recognized. Electric utilities are becoming market responsive if they want to remain viable in their industries. The long-term outlook for electrical power alternatives is good and for many companies the savings realized through these various alternatives will be great. To be able to understand how changes occur in electric/natural gas utilities, a knowledge of what they are and how they are regulated must be available. Another electric utility worry can be customer-distributed generation of electricity. In this scenario, the customer installs a generation system that provides both electrical as well as thermal (heat) outputs to supplement and reduce dependence upon utility supplied electricity.

Handbook of Silicon Wafer Cleaning Technology
As in the fi rst edition, emphasis has been placed on industrial applications in the fab combined with authoritative explanations of the physical and chemical processes underlying wafer cleaning, surface preparation, impurity analysis, and contamination aspects. The volume has been designed as a handbook and guide for engineers, scientists, and technicians who are working in the production of silicon microcircuit devices, as well as for graduate students perusing technical courses in semiconductor science and technology. Extensive use of references has been made to provide for specific source information.

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