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Free Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics and Converters with Digital Control

Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting
Is intended to help serve the needs of marine electrical technicians and experienced boatowners who want to use the latest technology and techniques to troubleshoot onboard electrical problems. These earlier works were intended for the less experienced boater; this one is not. You won’t see information in this book that explains Ohm’s law or how circuits are designed. Rather I’ve assumed you’ve already grasped those concepts and have more than a rudimentary understanding of how electrical power, both DC and AC, is distributed around a boat. The digital volt-ohm meter is not dead, of course, but if it’s the only tool at your disposal for electrical troubleshooting, you simply will not be able to compete as a professional marine technician. And if you’re not a technician, but rather the owner of an electronically sophisticated boat, you’ll find techniques here that will make you the master of your boat, not its slave. on at least not in regard to their electrical systems. As the level of sophistication of the modern boat’s electrical system continues to increase, and the convergence of traditionally distinct electrical and electronic systems continues, many of the techniques found within this book are going to become as mainstream as checking the electrolyte level in a battery cell used to be.

Integrated Power Electronic Converters and Digital Control
The last two chapters of the book describe digital control based on digital signal processors (DSPs). Over the past several years, digital control based on general purpose microprocessors, application-specific integrated circuits, DSPs, or programmable logic devices have become pervasive in power electronic applications. Specially, significant commercial strides have been made in digital power management and control. Power electronics-based companies have started introducing products that integrate digital power management and control integrated circuit solutions, both hybrid (analog and digital) and pure digital. In the meantime, system makers are looking seriously at the benefits of digital control and coming up with their own, often proprietary, products. These trends are occurring at various levels of implementation such as power conversion, converter management, board management, and rack management, which is in fact digital power management of the system. Cost, space, flexibility, energy efficiency, and voltage regulation are the key factors in digital power management and implementation.
This book is recommended as a reference text for an advanced course in power electronics. This book is also an in-depth source for engineers, researchers, and managers who are working in power electronics and related industries.

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