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About Weather Radar with Santa and Doppler

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As part of electric utility company and as an employee for several years I noticed that we usually get the result of the past weather radar, the purpose is know montly result each year so that we have an anticipaion to next or in the future. The main objective is to have an idea of our system whether have its capacity of the electric substation, specially to those area in banana plantation where if a dry season they always use electric pump to supply water. As I intend to know everything about weather radar, I start to find in the web, and to make it save for a long time and to share of you hunger to weater radar just follow links below.

Complete Guide How radar weather works
This links you will find almost everything you wanted to know about weather radar.

How many radar in the philippines
As I search I found a site the determine the location of weather radar.

Radar Help - Ask The Experts
A weather radar consists of a parabolic dish.

Online santa radar
Santa has lander in north pole canada, united state and lehigh valley

Doppler radar
Measure the frequency change in returning radio waves,radio waves and to light arriving from distant stars, pictures of wind motions in storms.

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