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Electronic Surveillance Devices and Parallel Robots with Topographic Laser ebooks

Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots
Isotropy of a robotic manipulator is related to the condition number of its Jacobian matrix, which can be calculated as the ratio of the largest and the smallest singular values. A robotic manipulator is fully-isotropic if its Jacobian matrix is isotropic throughout the entire workspace,the condition number of the Jacobian matrix is equal to one. The general methods used for structural synthesis of parallel mechanisms can be divided into three approaches: the method based on displacement group theory, the methods based on screw algebra, and the
method based on the theory of linear transformations. The method proposed in this book is based on the theory of linear transformations and the evolutionary morphology and allows us to obtain the structural solutions of decoupled, uncoupled, fully-isotropic and maximally regular PMs with two to six DoFs in a systematic way. The new formulae for mobility, connectivity spatiality, redundancy and overconstraint of PMs proposed recently
by the author are integrated into the synthesis approach developed in this book.

Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning
Chapters one through three primarily present a brief introduction and comprehensive summary of LiDAR systems. After a concise introduction to the laser fundamentals, Chapter 1 describes the two laser ranging methods timed pulse method and phase comparison method and the principles of laser profiling and scanning. The issues and properties of laser ranging techniques, such as safety concerns, returned power, beam divergence, and refl ectivity, are also discussed. Chapters two and three present a rather comprehensive description of the air- and spaceborne laser devices profilers and scanners and terrestrial scanners. Each of these two chapters covers a brief historical review, the taxonomy, and a thorough discussion on the components, working principles, and main specifi cations of the LiDAR equipment. The main advantage of the technique is that it provides a direct method for 3D data collection. Furthermore, it is highly accurate because of the millimeter- and centimeter-level laser ranging accuracy and precise sensor platform orientation supported by an integrated position and orientation system. Unlike the traditional photogrammetric methods, LiDAR directly collects an accurately georeferenced set of dense point clouds, which can be almost directly used in basic applications.

Electronic Surveillance Devices

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