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Free Electromagnetic Compatibility Principles and Electric power generation, transmission

Electromagnetic Compatibility Principles and Applications
One aim of the book is to teach EMI prediction and enable the reader to build EMC into equipment and systems without over-design. By achieving EMC, the program delay and additional cost of fixing EMI after the equipment is built are averted. With the recognition that EMI problems exist, EMI diagnostic techniques and cost-effective solutions with practical implementation and options are presented. This book is written for the design/system engineer, technologist, technician, or engineering manager who designs, maintains, or specifies equipment either to meet an electromagnetic compatibility requirement specification or to function safely in a given electromagnetic environment.

Electric power generation, transmission and efficiency
A power transmission system is sometimes referred to colloquially as a "grid"; however, for reasons of economy, the network is rarely a true grid. Redundant paths and lines are provided so that power can be routed from any power plant to any load center, through a variety of routes, based on the economics of the transmission path and the cost of power. Much analysis is done by transmission companies to determine the maximum reliable capacity of each line, which, due to system stability considerations, may be less than the physical or thermal limit of the line. Deregulation of electricity companies in many countries has led to renewed interest in reliable economic design of transmission networks. The low cost and abundance of coal is one of the primary reasons for this. Electric power transmission, a process in the delivery of electricity to consumers, is the bulk transfer of electrical power. Typically, power transmission is between the power plant and a substation near a populated area. Electricity distribution is the delivery from the substation to the consumers. Due to the large amount of power involved, transmission normally takes place at high voltage (110 kV or above). Electricity is usually transmitted over long distance through overhead power transmission lines.

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing, 2nd Edition
This book also provides practical information on the maintenance and testing of electrical equipment for maintenance personnel who install and maintain such equipment. The scope of this book is both very broad and specialized. Therefore, to carry out the test procedures and maintenance practices discussed in this book, one must either have or acquire the necessary knowledge to carry them out successfully and safely. Electrical equipment maintenance and testing are subjects that have assumed greater importance these days because of the detailed attention they are receiving from professional societies, insurance companies, government regulators, manufacturers, and owners. There exists considerable interest among people who
operate and maintain electrical power systems in a wide range of topics relating to equipment maintenance and testing. Many municipalities are mandating regulations and codes for periodic inspection and testing of large electrical facilities under their jurisdictions; the federal government has passed laws for the maintenance of commercial nuclear power plants maintenance rule, and insurance companies are basing their premiums on the quality of a facility’s maintenance program and equipment condition.

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