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Applied Electromagnetics And Electromagnetic Compatibility and Introduction to Electric Circuits

Applied Electromagnetics And Electromagnetic Compatibility
The book is intended to serve as a textbook for courses on applied electromagnetics and electromagnetic compatibility at the seniodgraduate level in EE. The prerequisites for such a course are completion of basic undergraduate EE and physics courses in electricity and magnetism, analog and digital electronic circuits, and advanced calculus. Our experience motivated us to write a textbook combining the fundamentals of fields and waves, a few selected topics of applied electromagnetics, and a variety of topics typical of EMC. The descriptions of electromagnetics are placed in the context of EMC, and those of EMC are presented where they help in the analysis of EMC phenomena as well as in planning the measurements needed for compliance with EMC specifications. The book is also an outgrowth of classroom lecture notes for a number of undergraduate/graduate level courses in electromagnetic theory and applied electromagnetics given by the first author over many years at the electrical engineering departments of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and the University of Detroit Mercy. Modern design of an electronic device or electric system requires it to be compatible with its electromagnetic environment, which may contain a number of sources emitting electromagnetic disturbances or noises. The design should be such that these disturbances cause minimum impact on the system performance. Also it is required that the system-emitted noise(s) in the environment cause minimum impact on the performance of other electronic systems in its vicinity. The entire class of such events can be classified as electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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Introduction to Electric Circuits
The two most important areas of study for all electrical and electronic engineering students are those of circuit theory and electromagnetic field theory. These lay the foundation for the understanding of the rest of the subjects which make up a coherent course and they are intimately related. Texts on one of them invariably and inevitably have references to the other. In Chapter 2 of this book the ingredients of electric circuits are introduced and the circuit elements having properties called capacitance and inductance are associated with electric and magnetic fields respectively. Faraday's law is important in the concept of mutual inductance and its effects. Reference is made, therefore, to electromagnetic field theory on a need to know basis, some formulae being presented without proof. Electric circuits or networks are the assemblage of devices and or equipment needed to connect the source of energy to the user or the device which exploits it. Communications systems, computer systems and power systems all consist of more or less complicated electric circuits which themselves are made up of a number of circuit elements. The devices and equipment mentioned above may be represented by 'equivalent circuits' consisting of these circuit elements, and an equivalent circuit must behave to all intents and purposes in the same way as the device or equipment which it represents.
Circuit analysis is important in order to be able to design, synthesize and
evaluate the performance of electric circuits or networks. The two basic laws for circuit analysis are Kirchhoff's current law (KCL), sometimes referred to as the first law and Kirchhoff's voltage law (KVL), sometimes called the second law.

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