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Ebooks Fiber-Optic Communication Systems and Fundamental

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, 3rd Edition
The primary role of this book is as a graduate-level textbook in the field of optical communications. An attempt is made to include as much recent material as possible so that students are exposed to the recent advances in this exciting field. The book can also serve as a reference text for researchers already engaged in or wishing to enter the field of optical fiber communications. The reference list at the end of each chapter is more elaborate than what is common for a typical textbook. The listing of recent research papers should be useful for researchers using this book as a reference. At the same time, students can benefit from it if they are assigned problems requiring reading of the original research papers. A set of problems is included at the end of each chapter to help both the teacher and the student. Although written primarily for graduate students, the book can also be used for an undergraduate course at the senior level with an appropriate selection of topics. Parts of the book can be used for several
other related courses. For example, Chapter 2 can be used for a course on optical waveguides, and Chapter 3 can be useful for a course on optoelectronics. Because of the large amount of material that needed to be added to provide comprehensive coverage, the book size has increased considerably compared with the first edition. Although all chapters have been updated, the major changes have occurred in Chapters 6–9. I have taken this opportunity to rearrange the material such that it is better suited for a two-semester course on optical communications.

Fundamentals of Optics, 4th Edtion
In any branch of physics fashions change as they are influenced by the development of the field as a whole. Thus, in optics the notions of wave packet, line width, and coherence length are given more prominence because of their importance in quantum mechanics. For the same reason, our students now usually learn to deal with complex quantities at an earlier stage, and we have felt justified in giving some examples of how helpful these can be. Because of the increasing use of concentric optics, as well as graphical methods of ray tracing, these subjects have been introduced in the chapters on geometrical optics. The elegant relationships between geometrical optics and particle mechanics, as in the electron microscope and quadrupole lenses,could not be developed because of lack of space; the instructor may wish to supplement the text in this direction.The ancient astronomers believed that light traveled with an infinite speed. Any major event that occurred among the distant stars was believed to be observable instantly at all other points in the universe.

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