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Free Electrical Power System Switchgears Converters and Boiler ebooks

Handbook of Switchgears
High voltage circuit breaker ranging from 66 kV to 800 kV class have been covered in Chapter 4. This elaborates on the historical background, present status and future outlook of technological developments. The chapter also provides insight into various interrupting media like air, oil and SF6 gas. The latest trends in the design of SF6 gas circuit breakers and operating mechanisms are discussed. Switchgear is an important link in any power system network, including transmission and distribution systems. These days, increased emphasis is being given to designing the best possible switchgear and associated equipment system. This book aims to provide a holistic view of all the aspects of switchgear, and highlights the role it plays alongwith its associated systems, in the control and regulation of power flow in power system network.

Switch-Mode Power Converters: Design and Analysis

The book covers in depth the three basic topologies: step-down (buck, forward), step-up (boost), step-down/up (flyback); push–pull; current-fed; resonant converters and their derivatives; AC–DC power factor correction. Depending on the operating conditions, switch-mode
power converters may operate either in continuous conduction mode (CCM) or discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). For closed-loop control of converters, two fundamental mechanisms, voltage-mode control or current-mode control, are generally employed. Current-mode control has been understood to offer superior performance. Current mode control is further subdivided into average-current control and peak-current control. While most switchmode converters utilize pulse-width modulation, resonant converters use frequency modulation. In addition to the main operation mechanism, many supporting circuits are also needed to make power converters viable.

Fundamentals of Power System Economics
New algorithms were developed, and ever more powerful computers were deployed to refine the planning and the operation of the power systems. With the introduction of competition in the electricity supply industry, a single organization is no longer in charge.We then move on to the analysis of the operation of power systems in a competitive environment. To keep matters
simple, we begin by ignoring the transmission network and we consider the operation of pure energy markets. We then discuss power system security and the effects that networks have on electricity prices.

Practical Guide to Industrial Boiler Systems

This text is a compilation of most of that data and information. The purpose of this book is to make the day-to-day boiler house work easier for the power engineer, the operators, and the maintenance people, by supplying a single source for hard-to-find information. This reduces the economy of power generation and can introduce serious temperature- control problems as well.


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