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Advanced Digital Design With the Verilog Hdl
The focus of the book is 011 developing, verifying, and synthesizing of digital citcuits: not on the Verilog language. It covets only the case and most widely used features of Vetilog, The book is for students in an advanced course in digital design, and fot professional engineers interested in learning Verilog by exampl.e, in the context of its use in the design flow of modern integrated circuits.

Digital Image Analysis
Digital systems produce acceptable results. Systems in these areas solve very specialized tasks, they operate in a limited environment, and high speed is often not necessary. Several factors determine the economical application of technical vision systems: cost, speed, flexibility, robustness, functionality, and integration with other system components. Many of the recent
developments in digital image processing and pattern recognition show some of the required achievements.

Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling
The first is that each topic that has been selected is not only important, in its own right, but is also important in a wide variety of applications such as speech and audio signal processing, image processing, array processing, and digital communications.

Signals and Systems
1st edition Solutions for 2nd edition, this book is designed as text for an undergraduate course in signal and system. While such courses are frequently found in electrical engineering curricula, the concepts and techniques that form the core of the subject are of fundamental importantce in all engineering disciplines.

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Helpful post. Engineers are now innovating, there are some who have electrical control systems made.

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