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Advanced Java Networking
Is designed to present you with a myriad of alternatives to connect your applications to the Internet. It is neither a programming reference nor a marketing brochure. We'll leave that to the geeks and marketeers to battle out. Instead, we wanted to explore each alternative without marketing bias or engineering snobbery. One part of the engineering community will tell you that sockets are the only true way to communicate information over a network. Another segment will say that Java-only applications relying on Remote Method Invocation (RMI) will solve all your communication problems.

Cognitive Radio Networks
Wireless communications and networks have experienced booming growth in the past few decades, with billions of new wireless devices in use each year. In the next decade we expect the exponential growth of wireless devices to result in a challenging shortage of spectrum suitable for wireless communications.Conventional wireless communication networks use circuit switching, such as the first generation cellular AMPS adopting Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) and second generation cellular GSM adopting Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) or the IS-95 pioneering Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

Cooperative Communications and Networking
First of all, why are cooperative communications in wireless networks possible? Note that the wireless channel is broadcast by nature. Even directional transmission is in fact a kind of broadcast with fewer recipients limited to a certain region. This implies that many nodes or users can “hear” and receive transmissions from a source and can help relay information if needed.Wireless communications technologies have seen a remarkably fast evolution in the past
two decades. Each new generation of wireless devices has brought notable improvements
in terms of communication reliability, data rates, device sizes, battery life, and network connectivity.

Design, Measurement and Management of Large-Scale IP Networks
This vital organ in today’s society comprises a large number of networks, administered by different authorities and spanning the entire globe. In this book, we will take a deep look into what constitutes those entities and how they form the skeleton of the Internet. Going beyond the physical infrastructure, the wires and boxes that make up the building blocks of today’s Internet, we will study the procedures that allow a network to make optimal use of those building blocks.

Guide to Wireless Network Security
The purpose of this book is to show experienced (intermediate to advanced) wireless network security professionals how to install and maintain the security of mission-critical wireless data and systems. It also shows through extensive hands-on examples, how you can install and configure firewalls, evaluate, implement and manage wireless secure remote access technologies, and deploy a variety of intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems in conjunction with information warfare countermeasures.

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