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Wireless ebooks Free sensor Telecommunications FAQs and Quick Guide

Guide to Wireless Mesh Networks
This handbook attempts to provide a comprehensive guide on fundamental concepts, new ideas and results in the areas of mobile ad hoc and other ad hoc networking systems. This book has been prepared keeping in mind that it needs to prove itself to be a valuable resource dealing with both the important core and the specialized issues in this area. We have attempted to offer a wide coverage of topics. We hope that it will be a valuable reference for students, instructors, researchers and industry practitioners. We believe this is particularly an attractive feature of this book, as the very limited selection of books available on ad hoc networks we are aware of are written primarily for academicians/ researchers. We have attempted to make this book useful for both the academicians and the practitioners alike. Wireless communication technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. The past few years have experienced a steep growth in research in the area of wireless ad hoc networks. The attractiveness of ad hoc networks, in general, is attributed to their characteristics/features such as ability for infrastructure-less setup.

Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
At the same time, new developments in hardware, software, and communication technologies are expanding these possibilities. As in any other technology, research brings new developments
and refinements and continuous improvements of current approaches that push the technology even further. The book is divided in three parts. Part I consists of six chapters containing
general information about wireless sensor networks, communication protocols, and topology control. Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter that describes the architecture of a generic wireless sensor device and network architectures.

Wireless Telecommunications FAQs
The wireless industry continues to be an exciting place. The field supplies many opportunities on both the business and technical sides. I have had the fortune of working with very talented people who have made and continue to make this fast-paced industry enjoyable.

3G Wireless Technology Quick Guide

A comprehensive 3G wireless technology guide for network and telecom professionals.

802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals
knowledge they need to design, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot their own wireless localarea
networks (WLANs). Starting with an overview of the technology and architecture of WLANs, the book goes on to explain services and advanced features that such applications can provide. Most importantly, it provides practical design guidance and deployment recommen. Wi-Fi is changing the world around us. It's changing the way we work, play, and interact with each other. The economics of Wi-Fi are rapidly changing the landscape for the delivery of high-speed wireless data services. It allows you to stay connected, compressing time by allowing you to be productive no matter where you are.

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