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Automating with SIMATIC
Controllers, Software, Programming, Data Communication Operator Control and Process Monitoring
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the architecture and operation of a state-of-the-art automation system. It also gives an insight into configuration and parameter setting for the controller and the distributed I/O. Communication via network connections is explained, along with a description of the available scope for operator control and monitoring of a plant.

Cognitive Engineering: A Distributed Approach to Machine Intelligence
This book explores the design issues of intelligent engineering systems. Beginning with the foundations of psychological modeling of the human mind, the main emphasis is given to parallel & distributed realization of intelligent models for application in reasoning, learning, planning & multi-agent co-ordination problems. Case studies on human-mood detection & control, & behavioral co-operation of mobile robots are provided.

Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter
Phenomenology and Thermodynamics the first Volume of the work, meant for graduate students in chemistry, geology, physics, and metallurgy, and their engineering counterparts, is split up in three levels, such that from level to level the portion and importance of thermodynamics and mathematics are increased. In the ground level it is shown that the basic principles of phase equilibria can be understood without the use of thermodynamics be it that the concept of chemical potential is introduced right from the beginning.

Mechanical Evaluation Strategies for Plastics Materials
It relates the structure of the tests and the functions that they serve to the intrinsic nature of the mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials.

Service Enterprise Integration
An Enterprise Engineering Perspective the book will present a variety of on-going efforts to provide new results and solutions to the problem of service productivity. These presentations will be in the form of contributing chapters by leading researchers who will provide critical literature reviews, conceptual analysis, and solution-result-oriented applications on topics including ontology, reference models, ERP, supply chain integration, knowledge management, data security, and a variety of cases on particular applications.

Metabolic Engineering
Written by more than 35 leading international experts in the field, this book discusses metabolic engineering in plant and mammalian cells, bacteria, and yeasts and assesses metabolic engineering applications in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and environmental systems. It illuminates the potential of the “cell factory” model for production of chemicals and therapeutics and examines methods for developing new antiviral and antibacterial molecules and effective gene and somatic-cell therapies.

Numerical Modeling of Explosives and Propellants 3rd
The main objective of this monograph is to describe the important physics and chemistry of explosive and propellant performance and vulnerability that have been learned using numerical and experimental methods during the last fifty years. Another objective is to describe in detail the numerical methods that have been developed for modeling explosives and propellants and to include on a CD-ROM the executable codes for personal computers and the required data files so that the reader may apply the numerical methods to his
own particular explosive or propellant system. The new VISTA operating system does not support full DOS windows or 16 bit executable codes so computer codes and animations had to be developed that operate in the new VISTA operating system. Also developed were codes that will operate in the OS X operating system for the Apple IMAC computer.

The Future of Air Traffic Control
Human Operators and Automation the book examines how to achieve better integration of research and development, including the importance of user involvement in air traffic control. It also discusses how to harmonize the wide range of functions in the national airspace system, with a detailed review of the free flight initiative.

Polymer Science and Technology
this book simplifies the learning of polymer science. Its primary focus is the ultimate property of the finished polymer product. Part I explains polymer fundamentals. Part II discusses how polymers are prepared from monomers and the transformation of polymers into useful everyday articles.

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