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Digital Television Transmission Systems
The objective of the system designers was to maximize the information passed through the data channel by minimizing the amount of data required to represent the video image sequence and its associated audio, while preserving the level of quality required for the given application.The goal is for the reconstructed approximation to be
imperceptibly different from the original for most viewers, for most images, for most of the time. To approach such fidelity, the algorithms are flexible, allowing for frequent adaptive changes in
the algorithm depending on scene content, history of the processing, estimates of image complexity, and perceptibility of distortions introduced by the compression.

Principles of Digital Audio fourth edition
Digital audio's popularity was matched only by the demand for explanations of its workings. Audio engineers, and students wishing to join their ranks, voraciously drank in every scrap of information they could find, undoubtedly further propelling development of the science. The first edition gave way to the second, which stepped aside for the third. My pact with the publisher had taken root and wrapped its twisted tentacles around my soul. As I slavishly authored one edition after another, I had only the royalty checks to console me.

TechTV's Digital Camera and Imaging Guide
Since the launch of TechTV, the digital camera space is one that the network has always kept on top of simply because of consumer need. Unlike many digital gizmos, digital cameras
appeal to people of all levels of technological interest and talents. You might think that after over three years of covering the digital camera space that I’ve
done and seen it all. I haven’t. Advances in cameras are continuous. And the introduction of accessories for these cameras seems equally endless. After all, the questions don’t end after you’ve chosen the best camera for you. How will you print, edit, store, and share your photos? These are a few of the questions that TechTV answers in this book.

Teaching TV Production in a Digital World
Television commercials are introduced in several different contexts throughout this course. Class sessions show how to break commercials into their smaller parts. Deconstructing commercials is the key to understanding how television producers impose their views on viewers, affect them psychologically, create the need to purchase products, cause
them to take action, or persuade them to believe a philosophy. Includes an overview of television and the television team; careers in television and video; the history of mass communications with a special emphasis on radio and television history; an orientation to writing for television as compared to other media; and the use of basic television equipment with special emphasis on developing a visual awareness for the video medium.

Tech Terms, Third Edition
What Every Telecommunications and Digital Media Professional Should Know, The purpose of this book is to provide telecommunications
and digital media professionals with a collection of must-know terms and concepts that are likely to pop up in their daily conversations or appear in news articles or informational media that address our increasingly technological world. It is also intended for anyone who simply wants to know more of what makes today’s technological world go around. The use of “essential” in the title is not accidental.this book aspires to whittle those tens of thousands down to a manageable and practical list of Internet, telephony, telecommunications, broadcasting, and computing terms that most professionals actually need to master—whether they are just getting started in a new field or are well established in their own area of expertise.

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