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Free Electrical and Computer Engineers ebooks and Handbook with Numerical Analysis

The Certified Reliability Engineer Handbook
This handbook provides reliability engineers with the theory and tools needed to meet ever-increasing reliability requirements.
Quality and reliability engineers provide different inputs into the design process. Quality engineers suggest changes that permit the item to be produced within tolerance at a reasonable cost. Reliability engineers make recommendations that permit the item to function correctly for a longer period of time. It is suggested that the reader study a particular section, repeating any calculations independently, and then do the supplementary problems for that section. After attaining success with all chapters, the reader may complete the simulated exam to confirm mastery of the entire Body of Knowledge.

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers
To begin, the present book is intended to be a part of the students’ first exposure to numerical analysis. As such, it is intended for use mainly in the second year of a typical 4-year undergraduate engineering program. However, the book may find use in later years of such a program. Generally, the present book arises out of
the author’s objections to educational practice regarding numerical analysis. To be more specific Many engineering analysis and design problems are far too complex to be solved without the aid of computers. However, the use of computers in problem solving has made it increasingly necessary for users to be highly skilled in (practical) mathematical analysis. There are a number of reasons for this. A few are as follows.

Energy Management, Supply and Conservation
This book is a comprehensive text dealing with the theory and practice of the supply of energy to consumers, energy management and auditing and energy saving technology.
Those of us who live in developed countries take energy very much for granted. Although we may not understand exactly what it is, we certainly know how to use it. Indeed, never before has there been a society which is so reliant on energy as our own. Consider for a moment the number of everyday items of equipment, tools and appliances that run on electricity; lamps, washing machines, televisions, radios, computers and many other ‘essential’ items of equipment all need a ready supply of electricity in order to function. Imagine what life would be like without electricity. Both our home and our working lives would be very different.

Jet Engines and Propulsion Systems for Engineers
This book and the companion course is to present to engineers the know!edge that has been gained about jet engines and propulsion systems over the past half century. The book and the course are not meant to present ideas at the highest quantitative level.

Wireless LAN - Das kabellose Netzwerk

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