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Circuit and Interconnect Design for High Bit-Rate Applications

Lumped-element transmission line models that capture the characteristic impedance, delay and loss of the lines, and the relationships between element
values and the characteristic impedance and time delay are presented. Circuit and interconnect design techniques that tackle many of the greatest difficulties and uncertainties in the development of ICs for RF and high bit-rate applications are the subject of this book. to provide guidelines for further IC process optimisation in support of today’s and tomorrow’s high bit-rate circuit design. It should be noted that specific amplifier requirements such as low noise and intermodulation distortion are not discussed in this book
The advance of modern IC processes has supported increasing bit-rates in many consumer and professional applications, such as hard disk drives and optical networking.
Achieving a higher bit-rate by applying a new generation of an IC process for analog circuits and systems is not a simple matter of scaling existing solutions.

An Introduction to Logic Circuit Testing
The material covered in the book should be sufficient for a course or part of a course in digital circuit testing for senior-level undergraduate and first-year graduate students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
A logical fault causes the logic value at a point in a circuit to become opposite to the specified value. Nonlogical faults include the rest of the faults such as the malfunction of the clock signal, power failure, etc. The value of a logical fault at a point in the
circuit indicates whether the fault creates fixed or varying erroneous logical values. The extent of a fault specifies whether the effect of the fault is localized or distributed.

Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters
Transmissions, more and more people are setting up radio and video stations for broadcast from their homes. Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters addresses applications for hobbyist broadcasting of AM, SSB, TV, FM Stereo and NBFM VHF-UHF signals with equipment the reader can build himself for thousands of dollars less than similar equipment sold on the retail market.

Electrician's Troubleshooting and Testing Pocket Guide
Electricians and technicians involved with installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical equipment need a good working knowledge of portable testing instruments and how they are used to diagnose and fix problems in the field. This book touches on testing of electronic components such as resistors, small capacitors, and diodes. However, the broad subject of troubleshooting electronic components and circuits using digital multimeters and other viiiportable test equipment.

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