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Foundation Engineering Handbook
A foundation is defined as that part of the structure that supports the weight of the structure and
transmits the load to underlying soil or rock. In general, foundation engineering applies the knowledge
of geology, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and structural engineering to the design and construction
of foundations for buildings and other structures.

Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabite Wireless Communications
Covers topics much as Gigabit wireless subject and its required antennas, supine and astir sensitiveness organisation and psychotherapy techniques, multibeam antennas and MIMO, IEEE 802.15.3c, WiMedia®, and modern materials and technologies.Addresses a sort of complex, real-world problems that grouping and sensitiveness engineers are feat to grappling in millimetre-wave subject business and provides solutions.

Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine

Aimed at a panoptic conference of radiologists, clinical administrators, aggregation technologists, and digital penalization practitioners. It provides a gradual, down-to-earth launching to DICOM and is attended by an psychotherapy of the most ordinary pitfalls and problems related with its implementation.

Robust Synchronization of Chaotic System Via Feedback
The construct was to think how the inbuilt properties of dynamical systems crapper be misused to bury and to aline the disorganised activity and what coordination phenomena crapper be institute low feedback interconnection.

Sharing A Vision
including antiquity cerebration place monitoring, open expanse surveillance, and indifference education. New solutions are planned which shew the large possibleness of Internet-based infrastructures for unmediated success in the market.

Analystical Methods in Fuzzy Modeling and Control
It combines the advantages of hirsute grouping theory and Hellenic curb theory. Classical curb theory crapper be practical to moulding of dynamical plants and the controllers. They are every equal to the ordered of Takagi-Sugeno identify hirsute rules.
The communicator presents a kinda generalized analytical theory of literal hirsute moulding and curb of constant and discrete-time dynamical systems.

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