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Machine Power Circuits Industry Handbook and Electric Power Systems

The Induction Machine Handbook
The development in power electronics and digital control have triggered the widespread use of induction motors for variable speed drives in most industries. The main challenges, in variable speed drives, motion control response quickness, robustness, and precision for ever wider speed and power ranges are the new added performance indexes.

Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits Handbook
Contents of the books are: Classical approach to transient analysis, Transient response of basic circuits, Transient analyses using the Laplace transform techniques, Transient analysis using the Fourier transform,Transient analysis using state variables, Transients in three-phase systems, Transient behavior of transmission lines, Static and dynamic stability of power systems. Many of the fundamental facts concerning the transient behavior of electric
circuits were well explored by Steinmetz and other early pioneers of electrical power engineering. Furthermore, the importance of transients in power systems is receiving more and more attention in recent years as a result of various blackouts, brownouts, and recent collapses of some large power systems in the United States, and other parts of the world.

Uncertainty in the Electric Power Industry
The primary intention of this book is not to provide an in-depth discussion of the regulatory challenges at hand after more than one decade of electricity market deregulation around the world – but analyzing the key decision problems of players in the industry certainly is a useful and necessary first step when aiming at the design of efficient and robust electric
power markets.In the electricity industry have lead to increased competition among utilities. At the same time, utilities are now exposed more than ever to risk and uncertainties, which they cannot pass on to their customers through price increases as in a regulated environment.

Understanding Electric Power Systems
The purpose of this book is to help those in government, business, educational institutions, and the general public have a better understanding of electric power systems, institutions, and the electric power business.The book covers such subjects as electric power systems, their components (generation, transmission, distribution), electricity use, electric system operation, control and planning, power system reliability, government regulation, utility rate making, and financial considerations.Government and business decisions on electricity supplies often fail to recognize how power systems work and the uncertainties involved.

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