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Digital Design using Verilog HDL
Covers synchronous and asynchronous FSMs in the design of both simple and complex systems, and Petri-Net design techniques for sequential/parallel
control systems. Chapters on Hardware Description Language cover the widely-used and powerful Verilog HDL in sufficient detail to facilitate the
description and verification of FSMs, and FSM based systems, at both the gate and behavioural levels.

Power System Relaying
Features problems to be worked through at the end of each chapter, Analyzes system performance through oscillographs and alarms schemes, Discusses in
detail the emerging technologies of adaptive relaying, hidden failures, wide area measurement, global positioning satellites and the pecific
application of digital devices. Power System Relaying offer comprehensive and accessible coverage of the theory and fundamentals of relaying and have
been widely adopted on university and industry courses worldwide.

FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples
Realistic projects that can be implemented and tested on a Xilinx prototyping board
A thorough exploration of the Xilinx PicoBlaze soft-core microcontroller, introductory digital design courses and also serves as a valuable self-
teaching guide for practicing engineers who wish to learn more about this emerging area of interest.

Principles of Bioseparations Engineering

Modern Microwave Circuits
Covers topics such as Maxwell's equations, model extraction, microstrip coupled lines, and more. Includes more than 1,200 equations and more than 300

Low-Power Processors and Systems on Chips
The first section examines the design of digital signal processors for embedded applications and techniques for reducing dynamic and static power at
the electrical and system levels.The final section discusses embedded software issues, including details on compilers, retargetable compilers, and
coverification tools.

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