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Fiber Optic Sensors
Inside the Books: Overview of Fiber Optic Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors Based upon the Fabry–Perot Interferometer, Polarimetric Optical Fiber Sensors, In-Fiber Grating Optic Sensors,Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors,Fiber Specklegram Sensors,Interrogation Techniques for Fiber Grating Sensors and the Theory of Fiber Gratings, Fiber Gyroscope Sensors,Optical Fiber Hydrophone Systems,Applications o Fiber Optic Sensors.

Fiber to the Home The New Empowerment Wiley Interscience
Books Contents: A Few Definitions, Cable Competition,Triple Play, The Digital Divide, Needs of the Telecomm Service Providers, Future-Proof Nature of the Fiber Last Mile, The Wireless “Alternative", What Does a PON Look Like?, IEEE Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) Standard 802.3ah, Comparison of ATM-Based and Ethernet-Based PONS, Self- and Cross-Phase Modulation, Four-Wave Mixing, Optical Amplifiers, Lasers and Transmitters,The Physics of Lasing and Photodetection,Subscriber Premises Optical Network.

Fixed BroadBand Wireless System Design
Contents: Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems, Evolution of Wireless Systems, Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Linear, Circular, Elliptical, and Orthogonal Polarizations, Material Transmission, Propagation and Channel Models, Theoretical Channel Models, Fading Models, Microwave Multipath Fading Mechanisms, Free Space Optics Fog Fading Models, Fixed Wireless Antenna Systems, Antenna System Fundamentals, Electrical Beamtilt, Mechanical Beamtilt, and Null Fill,Modulation, Equalizers, and Coding, Digital Modulation – Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase, Multiple-Access Techniques, Traffic and Application Mix Models.

For Dummies HDTV
Books inside: HDTV Fundamentals, What the Heck Is HDTV?,What’s Important in an HDTV, Cables and Connections, Hooking Up Your HDTV, Who’s Showing HDTV?., The Cable Guy, High-Definition Cable, Planning a Satellite TV System, Checking Out Your Digital Options, Gadgets, Home Networking, Understanding Audio,

Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and Control
Contents: A Chronicle of System Design Limitations, Limitations in Linear Control, Feedback Control Systems, Discrete Systems, Extensions to Periodic Systems, Extensions to Sampled-Data Systems,Extensions to Sampled-Data Systems,Limitations in Linear Filtering, Extensions to SISO Prediction, Limitations in Nonlinear Control and Filtering, Review of Complex Variable Theory, Main Integral Theorems, Green's Theorem,The Cauchy Integral Theorem,Extensions of Cauchy's Integral Theorem.

Distortion in RF Power
Some Circuit Theory and Terminology, Classification of Electrical Systems, Calculating Spectrums in Nonlinear Systems, Volterra Series Analysis, Memory Effects in RF Power Amplifiers, Electrical Memory Effects, Electrothermal Memory Effects,Characterization of Volterra Models, AC Characterization Flow, Calculation of Small-Signal Parameters,Simulating and Measuring Memory Effects.

Electric Circuits - DC
Book Contents: BASIC CONCEPTS OF ELECTRICITY, Static electricity, Voltage and current,OHM's LAW, How voltage, current, and resistance relate, Calculating electric power, ELECTRICAL SAFETY, Shock current path, Electric shock data, SCIENTIFIC NOTATION AND METRIC PREFIXES, Arithmetic with scienti¯c notation, Metric pre¯x conversions, SERIES AND PARALLEL CIRCUITS,What are "series" and "parallel" circuits?, DIVIDER CIRCUITS AND KIRCHHOFF'S LAWS, SERIES-PARALLEL COMBINATION CIRCUITS, DC METERING CIRCUITS, What is a meter?, ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTATION SIGNALS, Analog and digital signals, DC NETWORK ANALYSIS, What is network analysis?, BATTERIES AND POWER SYSTEMS, PHYSICS OF CONDUCTORS AND INSULATORS, CAPACITORS, MAGNETISM AND ELECTROMAGNETISM, Magnetic ¯elds and inductance, RC AND L/R TIME CONSTANTS,

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Collection of almost 200 distinguished engineers, scientists, and educators scattered around the globe

Fiber-Optic Communication System

Need for Fiber-Optic Communications, Analog and Digital Signals, Optical Communication Systems,Optical Fibers as a Communication Channel, Optical Fibers, Wave Propagation, Optical Transmitters, Light-Emitting Diodes, Power–Current Characteristics, Laser Characteristics, Transmitter Design, Source–Fiber Coupling, Optical Receivers, Lightwave Systems, Sources of Power Penalty, Optical Amplifiers,Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Multichannel Systems, Soliton Systems, High-Speed Soliton Systems, Coherent Lightwave Systems, System of Units.

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