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Digital Speech Transmission
Enhancement, Coding and Error Concealment, This text is an invaluable resource for engineers, researchers, academics, and graduate students in the
areas of communications, electrical engineering, and information technology. Digital Speech Transmission provides a single-source, comprehensive guide
to the fundamental issues, algorithms, standards, and trends in speech signal processing and speech communication technology.

Communications Network Test & Measurement Handbook
handbook provides the only comprehensive coverage of all the methodologies, data, and reference material necessary to master network instrumentation.
In this single encyclopedic resource, engineers will discover how to apply all the test, measurement, and monitoring tools critical to network

Energy Simulation in Building Design
book's purpose is to help architects, mechanical & environmental engineers and energy & facility managers to understand and apply the emerging computer
methods for options appraisal at the individual building, estate, city, region and national levels.Includes new material on combined
thermal/lighting/CFD simulation, advanced glazings, indoor air quality and photovoltaic components

Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities
provides an informed view of how information technology is shaping the contemporary humanities.information technology offers new options for humanities
education, using information technology in the humanities is a continuous conversation;

Advanced PIC Microcontroller Projects in C
A clear introduction to the PIC 18FXXX microcontroller's architecture, 20 projects, including developing wireless and sensor network applications,
using I2C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS and the SPI BUS, which give the block and circuit diagram, program description in PDL, program listing and program

The PIC Microcontroller
Simple programs and circuits introduce key features and commands through project work, Emphasis on putting the PIC to work, not theoretical
microelectronics, Demystifies the leading microcontroller for students, engineers an hobbyists.

Elements of Tidal-Electric Engineering
The book ends with an examination of commercially operating plants and a brief review of sites that have been the subject of investigation in the last
half century. References and bibliographies direct readers to primary source material for further study.Power engineers gain both the knowledge and the
skills needed to accurately determine the feasibility of a proposed tidal power development plan.

Intermediate Heat Transfer
This is an indispensable resource for professionals and seniors and first-year graduate students pursuing tracks in mechanical, aerospace, nuclear, and
chemical engineering.discusses numerical analysis in conduction and convection, temperature-dependent thermal conductivity, conduction.

Facility Design and Management Handbook
Create cost-effective “smart” buildings with state-of-the art security, energy management, lighting strategies, and maintenance efficiency, Find the
best, most cost-effective solutions for issues from “greenness” and sustainability to disaster recovery and technology integration

Principles, Devices and Applications
A comprehensive, must-read book on digital electronics for senior undergraduate and graduate students of electrical, electronics and computer
engineering, and a valuable reference book, provides practical and comprehensive coverage of digital electronics, bringing together information on
fundamental theory, operational aspects and potential applications. With worked problems, examples, and review questions for each chapter

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