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Electrical inventors

List below with attached picture with their Biodata. They are very popular electrical inventors even up to the present time, one of the remarkable was their family names use as units in the formulas of ohms law.

Ohms Law formula
Voltage(v) = Current(i) times resistance(r)

addtional formula
Power(p) = Current(i) times voltage(v)

The unit of voltage is volt while current is ampere then resistance is ohms and power is watts.

Alessandro Volta
Born 1745 at Como
Died 1827
Facts :
Italian physicist
Educated in the public schools
1774 He became a professor at Royal School in Como
He devised the electrophorus
1776-77 He devised the ignition gases by an electric spark
1779 He became a professor of physics at the University of Pavia for 25 years
1800 He developed voltaic pile
1801 Napoleon made him a count the electrical unit known as volt.

Andre Marie Ampere
Born : January 20, 1775 in Lyon, France
Died : June 10, 1836 in Marseilles, france
Facts :
Mastered in mathematics by the age of twelve without proper schooling
He did not read mathematics books until he was 13 years old.
1797 - 1802 earned by tutoring mathematics
Professor of physic and chemistry at Bourg Ecole Centrale
1809-1828 Apointed professor of mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique
He demonstrated various magnetic
He had discovered elctrodynamical forces between linear wires
1826 electricity and magnetism was published.

George Simon Ohm
Born - March 16, 1789 in Germany
Died - July 6 1854 in Munich, Bavarua Germany
Fact :
1806 He took up a post as a mathematics teacher in a school
in Gottstadt bei Nydau.
1811 He recieved a doctorate from Erlangeon.
1817 He received an offer to become a teacher of mathematics and
physics at Jesuit Gymnasium of Cologne.
1820 He had learned of Oersted's discovery of electromagnetism
1825 He published his first paper about electromagnetic force
produced by a wire.
1826 He gave a mathematical description of conduction in a circuits.
what we called ohms law.
1827 He gave his complete theory of electricity.
1843 He stated the fundamental principle of physiological acoustic.
1849 He He took up a post in Munich as curator.
1852 He achieved his lifelong ambition as chair of physics.

James Watt
Fact :
He is Scottish engineer
He is inventor
one who developed of the steam engine as a practical power source.
1757 He appointed as instrument maker at the University of Glasgow.
He studied the Newcomen steam engine.
1769 He patented a separate condeser
He improved in developed the twin-action piston engine.

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