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Career path of an electrical engineer

I read a book that would be a great help in a profession of electrical engineer.
The carer path, we know that our dicision determines or destiny but what destiny
are you going to. Here's the following tips list below.

1. VISION - Project your destiny while still young. Indentify the state where
you are happy, which kind of work that suit your taste and who you will
be in the near and distant future.Know you destination."A person without a
vision is like a ship without a rudder". It just depends
which direction the wind blows.

2. MISSION - Chart your destiny with a road map. Identify which road you are
going to take in going there. Identify what are to be accomplished. What
should be done to prepare yourself.

3. STRATEGY - Strategize to actualize your mission. Hone your skills and
competencies while there is still time. According to Stephen Covey,
"Sharpen your tools. Train yourself". The story of the disappointment
that led to the " cuaderno" was after all not wasted. It was part of reality,
a part of the never-ending learning. Each learning is a preparation to a
higher level of responsibility.

4. ALIGNMENT - Drive yourself into correct direction desired. According to Jack
Welsh, CEO of the great General ELectric, "Control your destiny or somebody else
will". Align yourself with the company's mission & vision. You will then feel
comfortable in you work.

5. BE A SHINING JEWEL - Broaden your capabilities so that you will be on top
of the heap among jewels. You should have the technology, keeping abreast
of trends & other comptencies that others don't have. Make yourself exceptional.

6. DO IT - Make it happen. Create opportunities. Don't wait for something to
happen. Make yourself a participant to the events. Don't be a fence sitter.

7. KAIZEN - Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.
Don't sit on your laurels because if you rest,you rust. It means relentless
adrenaline & energy. Remember, your best may not be
good enough. There should always be an extra mile.

8. TEAM PLAY - Don't think of yourself. Make
something to lift others. Make a clone of yourself. Make others as good
as you are so that others could replace you. Remember, you can't be promoted
to higher position if nobody can replace you. Remember,Management is the art
of making others do it for you.

9. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SUCCESS - Never think that you are successful.
Success is relative, intoxicating and momentary. You might be the president
of a company but your family might be in shambles. Thus there should be a balance
of career success. Remember, man's life is an open book until he dies.

10. AIM SMALL BREAKTHROUGHS - A winner never quits, a quitter never wins. You
should learn to accept small breakthrouh as winnings because success is not all
material. What's important is that you are happy in what you are in.

11.GOD'S GRACE - Seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added
on to you. Your greatest inspiration, mentor and ally is God. No matter how
colossal your efforts are, they are nothing if there is no grace from God.


Anonymous said...

wtf is this? The english is horrible. Why are you paying idiots to sit at home and write random crap.

Anonymous said...

Some well meaning constructive criticism:

First: 11 is excellent advice for some people. But there have obviously been successful atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Jewish people in the past. One thing they've all done (even the atheists) is taken care of themselves "spiritually". I'm not trying to ruffle feathers with that word. All I mean is that we all have a private world that no one else has access to, and that world needs taking care of. Knowing that what you are doing is right, and being able to make and be forgiven for mistakes, is important, regardless your opinion on just who is doing the forgiving. Just as important, is "unwinding and unplugging" every now and then, and talking to your friends as people every now and then. Many people do these things with religion, but it's possible (if in some cases super-humanly difficult) to do them without it.

2nd, with all due respect, your paragraph on teamwork was garbage. You do need to think of the team, but that should never mean not thinking of yourself. There's only one member of the team that you have total control over, and that's you. If other people are willing to learn, good. If they aren't, then when you eventually leave the team, it will fail, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Encouraging people to give up all their own aspirations, within or without the company, to empower others is an extremely ineffective way to manage. After all, if everyone did the same thing, nothing would ever get done, and no one would ever have goals. People get fired or quit, companies go under and downsize. Life happens. So I'd replace this whole paragraph with "be flexible, and keep your team flexible".

Which brings me to 3. The days when a man or woman works at a company from graduation to retirement are long, long gone. Most of us have never been alive during those days. It IS very important to work somewhere whose goals are in line with yours. But the way you phrased it contradicts your own number 2. If your companies goals and ethics clash with yours, the solution is rarely to change your own goals and ethics. Otherwise your ethical standards are completely worthless. So you can replace #3 with two words: "Be picky".

Lastly, there is such a thing as success, if you've properly defined your goals. It's binary. If you are where you wanted to be twenty years from now, that's success. If you aren't, keep working until you are successful. What most people forget to do when they succeed, is set a new goal. Accomplishing a change doesn't guarantee that change's survival. So even if your life goal was (for instance) to have a family, once you've done that you need a new goal: be a parent. Ideas and changes are just like children in this sense. If you've done everything you tried to accomplish, your work still isn't done.

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