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What is a fiber optic ?

So why is this jargon becoming one of the most talked about terms? This means we can now easily exchange large volume of data files through the local area network, So, what exactly is a fiber optic? Well, think of it simply as a glass pipe with a tube size as tiny as your hair having a pulsed light that carries information which travels along its core from one end to the other. It is the ultimate communication media on earth, the most ingenious technology that man has ever invented. In today’s modern world where technology is taking its lead in the society, the role of fiber optic is becoming pervasive to everyday living. Do you know that you are using fiber optic when using your 3G cell phones to send video streams to your friends anywhere in the world? Are you aware that fiber optics enable clearer long distance calls to other countries and allow even better internet surfing? The possibilities that modern technology can offer to the field of human communication nowadays are endless with the fiber optic working hand in hand with other forms of media such as wires,
radios, and satellites. If you ask me. , “Is it true that there is a fiber optic cable linking every country?” I replied, “Yes!” In fact, there are transoceanic submarine fiber optic cables laid throughout the world. In the Philippines, we are
connected to the outside world via Hawaii, Guam, Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia through the Batangas fiber optic terminal. Almost all nations are now physically connected via fiber optic cable laid either underground, aerial or undersea. But why are they not using wires or radios instead? Only one word is the answer - “capacity”. Fiber optic’s capacity is virtually limitless that could only be bounded by the transmitter’s capability to send very high speed data. To date, the highest speed attained is only 1 terabyte a second which is equivalent of copying 250 DV disc in just one second, but it can theoritically handle up to 3 terabytes in a single fiber. Aside from the great capacity that it can carry, it has the advantages of being very secured, its being lightning proof, and its noise free.
The great advantage of having this investment are security, bandwidth and connectivity, factors that microwave radio transmission cannot guarantee. One of the apparent applications that this technology has benefited us was the LAN linkage.

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