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Free Download The Danger of Nuclear Power Plant

The Risk and Danger of Nuclear power plant should everyone know why? because its affects in the human race, our health, our family etc. by way of teaching or learning I have here list of a free download pdf file from different site.
A dangerous waste of time greenpeace
The nuclear power industry is attempting to exploit the climate crisis by aggressively promoting nuclear technology as a “low-carbon” means of generating electricity. Nuclear power claims to be safe,
cost-effective and able meet the world’s energy needs. But nothingcould be further from the truth.

Understanding radiation
Radioactive materials are composed of atoms that are unstable. An unstable atom gives off its excess energy until it becomes stable. The energy emitted is radiation. Radiation has a cumulative effect. The longer a person is exposed to radiation, the greater the risk.

Nuclear Facts
Despite the fact that a national global warming emissions cap-and-trade system would materially assist the economic case for nuclear power, the nuclear industry has not been willing to openly advocate for such a system.

Nuclear Power Plant Security
Physical security at nuclear power plants involves the threat of radiological sabotage adeliberate act against a plant that could directly or indirectly endanger public health and safety through exposure to radiation.

Natural Disasters and Safety Risks
A typical nuclear power station will be connected to the electric grid through three or more transmission lines. Should these power lines go down or a regional electrical grid collapse occur, onsite emergency generators diesel, gas turbines or in few cases hydroelectric dams are designed to automatically start with manual
backup capability.

Radiation Risks and Realities
These findings allow us to use radioactive materials for beneficial purposes, such as generating electricity and diagnosing and treating medical problems. For these many benefits, excessive radiation exposure can also threaten our health and the quality of our environment.

The Tolerability of Risk
But in fact many people are bothered about nuclear power and other industrial risks and have become more so during the years since Sir Frank Layfield wrote his report.

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