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How Does Electric Tractions Works? Question and Answer

Electric Traction Theory
Steam Locomotive, Diesel Engines, Electric traction, Advantages, Electrical transmission, which is usually applied to high power units, has following advantages, The Direct and Alternating Current.

what is electric traction?
electric Traction means to use electic motors for railway service, Act of drawing or being drawn is known as traction.If electric supply is used for driving a locomotive, the system is known as electric traction.Electric traction may be A.C. or D.C. powered.e.g.600V dc is given to tramways and trolley buses.

The electric locomotive and electric motor coach may be regarded as natural developments that have followed steam traction. New conditions have set new standards in railway travel. This is exemplified in the rapid development of electric suburban train services for the new built-up areas spreading in all directions round large cities.

Electric Traction Drives
This page describes the way electric motors on locomotives and multiple units drive the axles and wheels. See also the Electronic Power, Multiple Unit Operation, DC Traction Motor Systems and Electric Traction Glossary pages.

Answer tips/answer samples of What is electric traction?
Electric traction systems use DC motors, but nowadays, some people tend to use magnetic traction instead of electric ones.

a comparison concerning electric traction drives for passenger cars is given. Electric traction drives presently available on the market are analyzed and future developments are described.

Power Supply Installation in Electric Traction - Free PDF download
The book on "Power Supply Installation in Electrical Traction" was brought out by Institution of Railway Electrical Engineers (IREE) long back. Since, lot of changes have taken place in the field of Power Supply Installation, it has become necessary to incorporate the changes in this volume. Few additions and modifications in the field of Power Supply Installations are included in this book.

Question and Answer of Electric Traction

1. Overall efficiency of steam locomotive system is close to answer 5 to 10 percent
2. Maximum horse power of steam locomotive is answer 1500
3. The efficiency of diesel locomotives is nearly answer20 to 25 percent
4. The range of horsepower for diesel locomotives is 1500 to 2500
5. What motor is used in tramways? answer DC series motor
6. The advantages of electric braking is It prevents wear of track
7. What is the braking system on the locomotives answer Regenerative breaking on electric locomotives
8. What is the coefficient of adhesion highest? when answer the rails are dry
9. The estimated speed of the train, including the time of stop at a station, in addition to the actual running time between stops, is called its answer Schedule speed
10. Which of the following types of services consume the least specific energy? Main line service
11. Locomotives have two bogies with two driving axles with individual drive motors.
12. A composite system is made up of answer single phase power received is converted into DC or three phase power AC system
13. For 600 volts DC line for tram cars what is the correct voltages Track are connected to negative of the supply
14. Free running and coasting periods are generally long in case of which of the following services? answer Main line service
15. A train runs at an average speed of 50 kmph between stations situated 2.5 km apart. The train accelerates at 2 kmph and retards at 3 kmph. Speed time curve may be assumed to be trapezoidal. The maximum speed with these parameters will be answer 57.75kmph
16. Suri transmission is answer Hydro mechanical
17. When a locomotive for Indian Railways is designed as WAMI, what does the letter W indicate? answer The locomotive is to run on broad gauge track
18. The main differece between speed time curve of main line service as compared to suburban services lies in answer longer free running periods, longer coasting periods and shorter acceleration and braking periods

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