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The Flow Of Electricity and How Grounding Is Important In the Systems

The Flow Of Electricity and How Grounding Is Important In the Systems Tutorials

The electric power utility provides a ground somewhere in its local distribution system; therefore, there is a ground wire in addition to the hot wires within the service drop. This ground can be seen at the power pole that contains the step down transformer.In addition to the ground connection provided by the electric utility, every building is required to have an independent ground, callead a"system ground." The system ground provides for limiting the voltage upon the circuit, which might otherwise occur through exposure to lighting, or for limiting the maximum potential to ground due to normal voltage. Therefore, the system ground's main purpose is to protect the electric system itself limited protection to the user.The system ground serves the same purpose as the power company's ground, however, being closer to the building it has a lower resistance. The equipment ground on the other hand, protects man from potential harm during the use of certain electrical equipment. The system ground should be a continuous wire of low resistance and of sufficient size to conduct current safely from lightning and overloads.

ELECTRICAL FUNDAMENTALS - Think of a pipe or a garden hose. When you turn on the water, it moves through the pipe and out the faucet or hose end. In a similar way , you can think of electricity as a current of very tiny particles (electrons) flowing inside a wire and through a light bulb or an appliance that’s been switched on.

How fast does electricity travel?
Electric current is defined as the ordered movement of charge. The charge that moves in
electricity could be ionic charges in a liquid or a gas (right). However most of us usually
think of electrons as the charge carrier in electricity. So we will refine the question
further by saying “How fast is an electric current comprising of moving electrons?”.

Measuring Electricity
Electricity makes our lives easier, but it can seem like a mysterious force. Measuring electricity is confusing because we cannot see it. We are familiar with terms such as watt, volt, and amp, but we do not have a clear understanding of these terms. We buy a 60-watt light bulb, a tool that requires 120 volts, or an appliance that uses 8.8 amps, but we don’t think about what those units mean.

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