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Best Electrical ebooks free download links site electronics

If you are looking for a free download site that specifically for
electrical and electronics or any engineering ebooks that are ready to
download for free I highly recommended this site freedownloadengineeringebooks

List of books are the following:

  • Energy Efficiency By: Leslie A. Solmes
  • Electromagnetic Scattering and Material Characterization By: Abbas Omar
  • Electrical Studies for Trades By: Stephen Herman
  • Control System for Live Entertainment By: John Huntington
  • Alternative Energy Demystified By: Stan Gibilisco
  • Electricity and Magnetism Benjamin crowell
  • Electric Wiring by: BRIAN SCADDAN
  • Electric Machinery
  • Dielectric Materials for wireless Commnication by:Mailadil T. Sebastian
  • Chaos in Electric Drive Systems
  • Basic Electrical Installation Work
  • Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Dynamic and Control of Electrical Drives and many more..

- It gives common and coherent grounds to formulate mathematical models for all lumped parameters’ electromechanical systems, which are vital in our contemporary industry and civilized everyday life.
- The structure of the book has been overhauled and it now covers each learning outcome in a dedicated chapter. Learning features, such as key facts, definitions, safety tips and end of chapter questions with answers help students to check their understanding and revise for the exams.
- The book covers such essential topics as electromagnetic field propagation, radiation, and scattering, containing mathematically rigorous approaches for the computation of electromagnetic fields and the explanation of their behaviour. Moreover


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James Green said...

i found this post really helpful! I am thinking of taking some electrician courses and qualifications later on this year and these ebooks are a great way to learn in your own time.

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