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Free pdf How Does A Radar Works?

Using this kind of high tech instrument you will determine the possible and unseen motion from different aspect of life etc. But the most important thing is to know its purpose how its work, why and what, those are the big question.

How Traffic Radar Works
The popular concept of a radar antenna - a dish mounted on a tower, rotating to sweep the
horizon - applies to this category. The rotating dish produces the familiar radar sweep you
see on TV weather reports. These sophisticated radars sweep with a modulated beam to
measure speed of objects, distance to those objects, and general shape of those objects as an
aid to identification by a ground crew.

How does a Speed Camera or Radar Gun work?
To understand how radar detectors work, you first have to know what they're detecting.
The concept of measuring vehicle speed with radar is very simple. A basic speed gun is
just a radio transmitter and receiver combined into one unit.

How Radar Works
Radar is something that is in use all around us, although it is normally invisible. Air traffic control uses
radar to track planes both on the ground and in the air.

Typical Radar Geometry, free space propagation, radar cross section, the equation,  the range equation, example,

Photo Radar
Work Zone Safety Photo Radar Speed Enforcement, DRCS - Digital Radar Camera System sub
The sub DRCS processes the photos taken of vehicles receding. As the vehicles drive away from the vehicle, a signal is sent to the flash unit which provides light for the rear license plates on a car. The signal is then written to the hard drive located on the main DRCS.

Three dimensional radar analysis
You should know how radar works. It sends out pulses at approximately the speed of light which is 300 million m/s. The time between pulses is about 1.6 milliseconds.

Digital Radar
Once found only on large vessels, radar is now a common feature on small craft. The early
sets were very basic but today’s small craft radar is a very sophisticated piece of kit and now
includes the anti- collision features MARPA of large sets as well as target processing software,
formerly only found in military sets.

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