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How Pedal Power Produce Electricity

High rate of electricity now comes in, we want a free electricity that supply our  appliance, lighting etc it is because electricity is part of our daily basic needs also though only food shelter and clothing this how electricity is very important. On this article we found out how pedal power produce electricity I hope
you will learn upon those usefull link that I prepared for some brillant ideas made in ready to follow those simple diagram given.

Bike-Powered Generator System ( AC-DC)
An exercise bike is fitted with a permanent DC magnet motor, which, charges a 12VDC lead-acid automotive battery. This battery can be used to directly drive DC loads or can be fitted with an AC inverter to drive regular house-hold loads.

Bicycle Generator
A bicycle is used to spin a generator and power light bulbs. Bicycle generators can be purchased but are not cheap. Hand cranked generators are a more reasonably priced alternative but are not as impressive to students.

Bicycle Mill/Corn Thesher
This bicycle machine is adapted to fit a hand powered grinding mill or a corn thresher. The Mill function has the capacity to mill 3 lbs. per minute of any type of grain. The most common use is for milling yellow maize, soya beans, and coffee.

Bike Generator
To design and build a series of human-powered generators, making use of conventional bicycles and some sustainable leg-power.  Our eventual goal is to have an array of up to twenty generators that can be pedaled simultaneously to power any type of electrical device.

Bicycle Powered Generator
These folks build a really complete system! Not only have they improved on the basic mechanical system by incorporating a quieter, more efficient belt drive, but they’ve also solved the problems of output power control and energy storage.

Build A Pedal Generator
The system works by hoisting the bike off the ground using an old Training Stand. These stands are used by racing cyclists to train when weather forces them indoors.

DIY Bicycle Generator From Cordless Drill
When we tried to plug in the computer the higher current draw made the voltage drop below the inverter’s cut off point, and we couldn’t bike fast enough to keep up. I went and found a small 12 Volt solar charge controller and a tiny 12 Volt battery

This is How a Bike Make Charger for Your iPod
This is the How-to? Well, if you will… the rest of it is more of a personal journal of how I ended up with my bike-charger, things I ran into etcetera… I’m pretty sure there’s useful information in there if you’re into making such a charger yourself

Pedal Generator
What better way to keep fit and fight global warming, it's a win win solution, An average reasonably fit human being can generate a constant 100 watts of power in 20 minute sessions.

Free Pdf File Pedal Powered Generator
Renewable Energy Education has built a number of pedal generators for both adults and children. Pedal power
helps to demonstrate the concepts of power and energy in an interesting way.

Pdf File Pedal Power
Intoduction, Wind Resistance, History, Dynamics.

Standard Bicycle with Pedal Power Attachement
This manual describes the design and construction of a device which, when attached to a standard bicycle, will permit it to be used as a pedal‑power machine.  The resulting machine, known as a dual-purpose bicycle, can be used to power numerous small‑scale mechanical devices such as grain threshers, grinders, water pumps, electrical generators, and a variety of small machine tools.

Pdf File Portable Pedal Power
We propose to design and create a portable bicycle trailor that generates electricity for events and demonstrations.
The trailor will be fully equipped with bicycle stands that fold out to handle 3-4 bicycles. Each
stand would be connected to a small magnet motor generator that would transform the bicycle pedal rotations into electrical energy.

Building Linda's Powerbike
To build a power bike for Linda and at the same time gain experience in alternator construction in preparation for building wind turbines.

Building A Bicycle Generator
Building your own generator requires a number of items. A person, a bike, a way of supporting your bike off the ground, a motor, an energy smoothing system and an inverter if you want to use your bike generator to power mains equipment.

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