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how to build an electronics robot a tutorial links

picture source: sky and allonrobots
Building or making a robot is not easy as abc or 12345 it needs hardworks to study the full aspect of the  robot that you want it to be, other than that you need money to buy all the list of materials, but if you not have enough information on how to do, your money will become wasted. So i tried to find in the net the most useful links and free pfd file that you could follow before you make your final decision on the particular subject of the said above.

Society Of Robots
You will learn skills ranging from electronics, mechanics, controls, programming, and even as broad as understanding animal behavior and human psychology. It is best before starting this robot tutorial to ask yourself what your goals of creating a robot are, and what are your motivations

How to Build a Simple Robot
The following article will show you how to build a simple robot, called “The Beetle Robot”, created by Jerome Demers

How to build a toilet-flushing Lego robot
Using only parts from a standard NXT Mindstorms kit, Will Gorman rigged up a contraption that employs the ultrasonic sensor module to detect the presence and then absence of a bathroom-goer.

Build an Underwater Robot
What can swin deep inside the wreck of the titanic?, What can sit on the edge of an erupting underwater volcano?, what can dive thousand of feet below the ocean surface?, what can collect animals no one has seen before.

Steps to Build a Robot
Building your own robot seems to be a lot of fun. However, building robots can be quite expensive. Most robot enthusiasts estimate an expense of about $200 to $400 for even a tiny, but functional robot.

Learning how to build the perfect robot
They only picked up the parts a few weeks ago, but already a group of W.C. Miller students are hard at work, trying to build the perfect robot.

Monster Guide
List of popular and amazing robotics made

Reconfigurable maze for robot projects
The goal was to build a reconfigurable maze or pen for small robots, like Lego Mindstorms or Khepera.

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