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All About Electric Vehicles In the Planet Earth

Time will come we do not use anymore gasoline fuel to our car, motor or any engine because
as we can see if we try to research in the internet the word above, there are huge of Electric Vehicles. To make you more understanding about the topic I just collect some useful site from different aspect of car I hope you enjoy.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Is a hybrid vehicle with a battery that can be charged by connecting to an electric power source and can also run under an internal energy conversion unit for power.

The rapid development of electric vehicles
In an electric car at the informal meeting activities, Robertson told reporters an overview of a number of pure electric vehicles will disappear in the system. This includes fuel tanks and pipelines, as well as mechanical pumps.

Hit the Road with the Three-wheeled
Many might have been dreaming to own an electric vehicle. Aside from the fact that this is becoming a trend today, this type of vehicle is also friendly to the environment. However, the only thing that hinders people from buying one is its soaring price.

DIY Electric Motorcycle Kicks Butt
A year ago, EcoModder forum member Ben Nelson got an old, non-running motorcycle and converted it to electric drive. He’d never had a motorcycle before and wasn’t an expert with electric vehicles, but in true DIY nature, he learned as he went along.

Mitsubishi i MIEV Research Electric Vehicle
has developed another vehicle for electric vehicle research, the Mitsubishi i MIEV. Mitsubishi took the Mitsubishi i, and installed a lightweight motor into it, hooked up to a pack of high-energy density li-ion batteries, retaining the rear-midship layout.

Electric Vehicles in Depth, Part II
The Myers Motors answer to an EV enthusiast's prayer is the NmG (No More Gas). This high-tech marvel whizzes along on three wheels, 500+ lbs. of batteries, and a torquey electric motor. Unlike the seemingly endless parade of tempting prototype electric vehicles powered by fuel cells, this little EV is being produced right now - not 5 years from now.

PG&E to Test First Smith Electric Vehicles All-Electric Utility Truck
The first test unit will be added to Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) fleet to conduct routine and emergency overhead line work in PG&E's northern and central California service area.

Future of Electric Vehicles in India
They doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate power so they have zero emission and no pollution. They are virtually maintenance free as they have no gears, no engine, no belt or chain drive, no problem of starting and many more.

New Electric Vehicle Running on Three Wheels
The GT3 is a two-passenger plug-in commuter vehicle that is powered by an 18 kwH lithium-polymer battery and an AC induction motor.

Car Show Electric Vehicles in Canada
Almost complete list of powered electric car.

Nissan electric vehicles soon to feature soundtrack
It seems the silent nature of these beasts is a cause for concern, or at least for those who don’t look where they’re walking or for oncoming traffic when crossing the street. Silent future cars are “too” quiet.

Very Fast Battery Charging For Future Electric Vehicles
Epyon produces a computer controllable, very light charger that would reduce the charging time of an electric vehicle’s battery pack from 5 hours to 15 minutes

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